Winter Solstice Blessings

Path of the West

Path of the West

As we approach Winter Solstice (in the northern hemisphere) I am reminded of the longstanding tradition of burning candles or keeping a fire going all Winter Solstice night. This is done that the light will overcome the darkness and the Sun will return to lighten our lives. It is also a metaphor for the inner light of our Spirit overcoming the darkness and doubt of our lives.

The solstices, equinoxes, and their midpoints are auspicious times for ceremony, as are new moons and full moons. Solstice is at 11:03 pm UT (GMT) Sunday and the new moon is less than three hours later at 1:36 am UT Monday.

This time of darkness, the womb of winter, is a time of celebration that leads to the new year and its opportunities for a fresh start, for making commitments to a better, brighter future. It is also a time to reflect back with great gratitude on all we have been given during the prior year. Add on top of this the seeding of the new moon and this is a truly powerful time for us to plant our ideas, prayers, and dreams into the great mystery of the cosmos.

With great gratitude for your presence in my life ~ Thank you

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