What a wild, unpredictable year 2020 has been! It’s been especially challenging yet it has also provided great opportunities for growth. We have been given a gift to slow down, examine our life, and, hopefully, to simplify and enhance our days.

With barely two months left in the year, let’s take a moment to set aside our feelings on politics, the economy, relationships, and a health “crisis”. Let’s ask ourselves how we would like to wrap up this protracted, roller-coaster year we have been riding. What tool can we pull out of our toolbox to support us at this time when we really need it? 

One of the most powerful tools we have to help us in life is choice. Sometimes, so much of what we do seems to be on autopilot. We live in routines we do not mentally interact with, but just follow without considering that we could experience life differently. And when stress and difficulty come into our lives, we forget we have options.

Choosing to be around positive music, movies, and TV shows, instead of violent, negative sounds and images can make a huge difference in how you experience life. Remember, you have a choice about how much news you take in. A low-information diet can be good for your well-being. Try choosing no TV – it’s a revelation! And lest we forget one of the very best tools we have, use laughter to improve your health and sense of humor. Not taking yourself or your life too seriously is enlightening.

What would your life be like if you chose to be happy no matter what?

“We give our happiness and peace away so easily,” life coach JJ Joshua says. So often, it is contingent on what is happening in our personal lives and the world at large.

JJ Joshua shares three tips for happiness in hard times in her Thoughtful Thursday video post shared below with her permission.

We believe it is worth repeating. Happiness is a choice!

Are you ready to send 2020 off with a smile?

What intention will you tell your reflection in the mirror every day?

JJ is a dear friend who has joined us in sacred ceremonies. Lisa has benefited greatly from JJ’s life coaching guidance.

Jennavieve “JJ” Joshua has been an intuitive life coach and intentional living instructor for the past 24 years. Before following the call from her Higher Self to begin a coaching career, she worked a corporate career in sales, training, and development within Fortune 500 companies.

Learn more about JJ at JJforinsight.com and don’t miss out on her inspiring Thoughtful Thursday videos.