Dear Ones,

Those of us living in the northern hemisphere are getting pretty excited about the arrival of Spring! After enduring a full year of restrictions, lockdowns, and unpredictable disruption (along with illuminating gifts and unexpected opportunities), Spring seems to mean more this year than ever.

To see daylight increasing each day, to hear congregating birds singing away, and to behold the first buds and blossoms come forth is such a simple and complete joy!

On Saturday, March 20th, the Equinox marks the beginning of Spring and a surge into greening hillsides, flowers opening, and our own possibilities perking up with the feeling that anything is possible for us.

Make room and take time to be outdoors. Find a park bench to sit on. Plant yourself in a backyard. Go for a hike. Watch the sun rise. Enjoy the free and gorgeous gifts offered to us by the birds, the trees, the skies, the breeze. At once relaxing and energizing, being with Nature gives us calm, inspiration, and an inspired heart.

Happy Spring!

With Love and Blessings,

James K. Papp