For many years, Monique struggled to understand a close friend’s spirituality practices and did not feel ready to embark on her own “profound journey”. But the seeds had been planted toward a connection with spirit, practicing kindness, and living in gratitude, which were already huge parts of her life.

After embarking on her own spiritual journey, Monique was introduced to amazing, like-minded people whose energy made her glow, smile, and feel at home.

“It has been a beautiful and fulfilling inner awakening to a connection that I always knew was there,” Monique said. “But although I was growing and learning, I felt like I didn’t understand some of the content of our conversations or rituals they were doing. I noticed that everyone had their own take and style on how they practiced and believed.”

Research shows that reading textbooks on the subjects you are learning leads to improved comprehension, retention, and performance.

Monique went on to purchase several spirituality guides, including Inquire Within: A Guide to Living in Spirit.

“Once I started reading Inquire Within, it was exactly what I needed. Where I was on my journey, what I was now able to understand, what more I needed to understand, how I wanted to grow, how I wanted to practice, things I want to incorporate into my life, and confirmation that everything that was going on, everything I was doing was aligning.”

To get the most out of the guide, Monique practiced the exercises at the end of each chapter including burying an offering in the ground and creating an altar in a space of her own.

“Every chapter resonated with me. Trust me, I could go on and on. Reading Chapter 13 (Living in Spirit), feels like a battle cry of my heart to go out into the world and be this beckon of light. I cried. I love that you shared all these resources to look up. Thank you.”

Monique went on to write that the book is like having her own “spiritual teacher from afar”.

“Inquire Within is amazing, especially for someone like me who is just in the beginning stages of ascending. A perfect guidebook to connect with spirit and living in spirit. It’s beautiful. It’s almost like this check off list for my spiritual journey ahead of me. Foundational. I now have a strong foundation to build from. I am forever grateful for the part you have played in teaching and inspiring me during this time of my life.”


Start your spiritual journey today with friendly guidance from Inquire Within: A Guide to Living in Spirit, or gift the book to someone in need. The paperback and eBook editions include inspirational 2021 updates in the resources sections. Links, testimonials, and table of contents can be found here.