Sedona Sunset

Temple of the Light

Are there certain Earthly places you are drawn to?  Maybe it’s a place you have visited many times which continues to amaze and inspire and enchant you.  Maybe it’s a place where you feel “right” when you are there, in harmony with the world.  Maybe it’s a place you have not yet visited in this lifetime which calls to you in your imagination, in your dreams.

Dear ones, we are made of energy and that energy is profoundly affected by the energy of the places in our phenomenal world.  So when we connect with  the energy of a  place – whether by its physical proximity or by the boundless travels of our dreams, a relationship is made which supports and empowers us.  (We may even connect with places via our presence there in previous lives.)  This is rock medicine, tree medicine, sky medicine, water medicine – the medicine of our Mother, the Earth.

A place special to Lisa and me is the sublime red rock country of Sedona, Arizona.  We keep going back, simply to BE there.   Yesterday the clouds hid the Sun all day but just before dark they parted and His beams illuminated brilliantly the spectacular stone temples of this magical place.  What a blessing to be with such glory!!

Wherever the places of power are that call to you, Go to them.  Whether you travel by foot or car or plane or train, or whether you travel by book or dream or wild imagination, Go to them.  They await you with their serenity, their beauty, and their healing presence.  These are sacred spaces and they are there for you, in whatever way you seek them.  May the Blessings BE with you always.