What is the force that draws us near, that brings us to the threshold where we bow in our hearts to the stupendous power and overwhelming beauty of Nature? At once an exploration and appreciation outward and within, this mysterious force brings us step-by-step into alignment with ourselves and with the world.

We are called, not just by the mountains and forests and deserts and oceans, but by our hearts which, as part of Nature, share the same stupendous power and overwhelming beauty.

Being with Nature is a way to awaken and realize this inner-outer, as above-so below reality which leads to balance, to harmony, to alignment. Maybe we believe this or maybe we don’t. Maybe it doesn’t matter.

What we do know is what we feel, pulling us to walk up a mountain trail or paddle a kayak along the seashore. We hear the call. Eventually, hopefully, we respond, for we are richly blessed by the epic journey outward and inward to beauty and power.

In this recreation, we re-create ourselves. We are fulfilled and mystery remains.
~ James K. Papp