In March this year, Lisa and I went on a pilgrimage to the Mayalands in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. We revisited sacred sites we have communed with before, and we went to some other places for the very first time. Our base was the city of Merida. Known as The White City, Merida is home to 900,000 people, about sixty percent of whom are of Mayan ancestry. It is a perfect location for day trips to explore the region’s impressive abundance of Mayan temples.

I am continuing to share some entries from my journal, to show some of what inspired me on this Spring journey that occurred around the Equinox 2018. 

Labnah Arch, Yucatan, Mexico

Today we travel to the ancient Mayan city of Labnah, a couple hours south of Merida. Labnah means “The Walls of Wisdom of Mother Earth.” It is famous for its impressively ornate arch which epitomizes the Puuc architectural style – several layers of fine, inlaid stonework which creates striking patterns of depth and beauty.

Miguel Angel again guides us. His gentle teachings and reminders of what we already know within us seem to blend together in a timeless tapestry.   

We are ascending, says Miguel Angel, just like the Mayan masters before us. To succeed and fly free, we must do the work, inside and outside. We cannot grow our wings without growing our heart. We may know a lot or be a good speaker, but we cannot ascend without opening our heart. We must raise our vibration, he explains.

“We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Miguel Angel shares this eloquent declaration from French philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and encourages us to “let us know this and use this knowledge to evolve.”

There are many ways to approach spiritual knowledge, he tells us. None of the paths will help in opening our wings if we hold hate or resentment. We must be more humble, and more humble at the end than in the beginning.

Yet we cannot put our wisdom in a box and lock it. We must share our wisdom.  Miguel Angel reiterates that our work is to open our heart. Opening the heart is how we are transformed. To do this, we need to be on the Earth, grounded and present. And we need others in order to grow. Sharing is the way.

James and Lisa at the Labnah Arch, Yucatan, Mexico

We are given three steps to begin our work: Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition. He explains: You are God in the moment you are imagining. When you imagine you create. When you create you share. We are told with great compassion that “It is time to share what we are, without fear.”

As students of the Maya, we must realize that this is our planet and we must extend our hands to help others. If we don’t do the work to help others, then who will do it? Now is our time.

Who is the one who can help us change? Our Mother, Ixchel – Mother Earth. (The Mayan name, Ixchel, comprised of Ix, the sacred feminine, and Chel, rainbow, is pronounced ‘Ee-shell’.) There is nothing more natural than to ask for help from our great mother or our great father. We ask for help in our transformation and they are ready to help. We just have to ask.

Miguel Angel shares that our cosmic duty is to make our spiritual awakening, with help of the mother and the father and the sun. We have to do it with love. Our greatest responsibility is to do all the little things every day with love. We awaken the seven chakras and our kundalini with love in our heart.

Let us trust, let us have faith, and let us do it with love.
~ James K. Papp


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