This time of darkness, the womb of winter, is a time of celebration that leads to the new year and its opportunities for a fresh start, for making commitments to a better, brighter future.

Our friend Dr. L. John Mason, founder of the Stress Education Center, reflects upon the holidays and the returning of the light in his December expose Tis The Season. Everyone’s light is needed year-round, he reminds us.

“Your Heart and your Service shine brightly in every moment and are required to lead in developing consciousness and dissolving the barriers of separation. This is not a seasonal thing. This is a moment by moment exercise in raising Awareness and then Consciousness.”

Dr. Mason goes on to say that, for many people, the “season of giving” takes precedence in the months of November and December as Winter Solstice approaches in the northern hemisphere.

People are more apt to give presents, donations, volunteer, or spend time with family and friends to brighten the darkness of shorter days.

“We celebrate the return of the Light which begins after December 21st in the Northern Hemisphere. Religious ceremonies were created to honor the times from before Western religions in pagan times. We light candles and pray for the birth of generosity as we reach out to support fellow pilgrims.”

More Than a Seasonal Activity for Our Souls

“This is but another opportunity to “Share” and bring more light into the Darkness of Spirit in the shorter days and the more reflective period for the Northern Hemisphere. We really can embrace the sharing of the light throughout our yearly cycle around our Sun. The most Enlightened among us look to share the light in every moment we are allowed in our human incarnations. So, find your way to give the presence of you. (Presents are less required.)

Stop and listen to a fellow traveler. Care for the people you bump into, YEAR-Round! Look into their eyes and connect with the people you meet. Remember that everyone you are blessed to connect with is yet another form of YOU and we are ALL in this life together. Allow others to give to You as a gift so they will feel the awesomeness of Giving!

Do not think that you NEED to go shopping. No gift can be as sweet as a sharing from your Heart. Be Love. Share Love!”

If practicing kindness and acceptance is a way to our inner being, then joy is the experience and celebration of that inner being. Joy is directly related to kindness, for what you give to others, you receive in return.

Peace, Love, and Kindness Year-Round

Three Tips from Inquire Within:

1) While in conversation, silently think “I love you” to the other persons in the spaces before and after you speak. This activates the connection of acceptance and respect between you. Radiate love.

2) Don’t be afraid to display your kindness.

3) Be like a deer, a symbol of peace in many traditions. Take only what you need and leave the rest. Learn about deer medicine. Carry yourself with gentleness and grace.



Dr. L. John Mason. (2020) Tis the Season [online].

Masters of the Journey. Dr. L. John Mason is a teacher at Maters of the Journey, a loving supportive community for consciousness seekers assisting them to better connect with “the source”/soul. Their vision is to create a global community which offers tools and resources using technology and meetings to connect community members with consciousness raising experiences that will feed each member and bring positive change to the world.

James K. Papp. (2016) Inquire Within A Guide to Living in Spirit. Planet Papp.

Photo by James K. Papp