Day and night. Light and Dark. Hot and cold. Up and down. In and out. Dynamic pairs of opposites create vital energy and flow in our world. This also applies to human companionship in the love realm of life partners, spouses, and soul mates.

Opposites can attract each other like powerful magnets. Vortexes of seemingly uncontrollable energy are unleashed when two people fall in love. Rationality is left behind and normal decision-making is bypassed. The thinking mind is unable to fathom the profound feelings experienced when swimming with another in the depths of love.

The channels of communication between two beings in love appropriates all of the senses and more, and can transcend them to reveal our wholeness and even an encounter with what some call the divine or the infinite. Beyond the boundaries of ourselves we find what we truly have in common with another in union, which is sacred, precious, and one.

Common ground is, of course, essential for a meaningful relationship to take root and to deepen its roots over time. Yet the differences between two individuals are also essential as they create an engine powering an ongoing appreciation of each other as sovereign beings and as a couple traveling on a journey together through space-time. Complementarity and interdependency bring forth the best of each other’s uniquely evolving attributions to grow a richly satisfying life together.


I feel extremely fortunate that Lisa and I found each other and not only fell in love, but found our way through a wild and exciting ride to grow in love and to know we are here for each other. I share the following poem that I wrote after gazing deeply into the eyes of my dearest love as she was going into surgery some years ago.

Soul Mates Under Chambered Stars

Under chambered stars the old souls seek
to find one another and reunite
where their eyes may tell the stories that cannot be told
of love, of deep appreciation,
of fathomless sharing, in the void and in countless worlds

as they gaze into each other there is only love,
no worries, no words, no wondering
no need
hands squeeze and hearts leap into throats
to lodge with a largeness the mind does not understand

the mind knows not of its essence or origin
but the hearts – the hearts know:
Sacred. Precious. One.

© 2020 James K. Papp