Dear Ones,

As we approach the last day of the year, I find myself reflecting on all that has happened in 2022. Casting farther back over the past three years what is perhaps the most major variable all of us are dealing with in our lives becomes so apparent. Regardless of our locations, ages, interests, occupations, or circumstances, change is paramount in our lives.

Was change with us all along and we are just recognizing it more now? Or have times actually…changed? Does it matter if there is an answer here? Maybe not, for we are evolving, regardless of how it all may appear.

The rate of change and the crises we are encountering—both internally and externally—are driving us to grow in ways that our minds cannot understand. But our hearts—our hearts know—and they are growing richer with each twist and each turn, with each up and each down as we traverse the sacred road of life.

Let us take a moment, to pause in stillness and remember that within each of us is a refuge – a sort of eye in the center of the storm. This pause brings us to a most practical question: How do I return to my center, to this place of calmness that simply observes?

Asking such a profound question opens the door for assistance from the Cosmos, as we are inherently cosmic beings. This cosmic support takes many forms; among them are lineage, spiritual practice, artistry, and being with Nature. When confronted with change and its consequences, engaging with an elder, employing a spiritual practice (like prayer), finding inspiration in a creative project, or communing with the trees all serve to bring us back to our center. In this way we come into tune again with ourselves as the cosmic creatures who we are in our hearts, voyaging through the stars with a diversity of companions on a precious life-giving planet.

As 2022 closes, I encourage you to contemplate what helps you shift back into your still and silent center, the place where your essence is untouched by the conditions and challenges of living. How can you honor this support that brings you into the here-and-now and make more room for it in your life? What can you carry with you, wear, or hang on a wall or your car mirror, or set next to your bed that will remind you of the power you have within?

Our tests, often received in the context of change, teach us greatly that we may evolve and advance on our life paths. We are aided immensely by using timeless, practical tools to regain the harmony that resides in our still and quiet center as we navigate through this ever-changing world.

What practice will you choose to develop or add to your spiritual toolbox in 2023?

With great gratitude for all that 2022 has presented, and with inspiration for the coming year.

May the Blessings BE!


© 2022 James K. Papp,