Dear Ones, warm August greetings to you. 
As the recent new moon of 28 July approached I began imagining an astrophotography composition that would include a tree under the Milky Way. I thought of Heather Meadows, an oft-visited locale out the Mount Baker Scenic Byway, just below famed Artist Point. 
I arrived at the alpine wonderland of Heather Meadows around 4 pm the day after the new moon, cooked up some dinner in the camper van, and then scouted a location for a night shot to determine exactly where the tripod would be set. Then I happily read the last chapters of the engaging James Twyman book, Giovanni and the Camino of St. Francis, until the sun set behind a ridge to the west. 
As twilight moved into darkness I began making images, watching the Milky Way rise until its position suited the composition, a bit after midnight. And so was born “Midnight at Heather Meadows,” with the Milky Way reflecting in lower Bagley Lake, a centerpiece of this area situated under Table Mountain within the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest in Washington State’s Whatcom County. From the parking lot you can reach this scenic spot in just a quarter of a mile of walking. 
The astro-modified camera I use for nightscapes is highly light-sensitive, enabling me to raise the shadows in post-processing to reveal terrain that appears entirely dark while shooting. For me, this image is an apparition, a painting of light that captures the feeling of wonderment I carried on that exciting Friday night in the Cascades. Thank you for checking out the view!
With blessings,
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