Social media sites like twitter and Facebook are truly amazing. Used well, to build relationships and share valuable information, these sites bring people together and make our world richer and smaller…a “global village”.

One twitter follower/friend in particular really stands out…Tina Mansfield. Her twitter user name is: @KindnessRing. I am not sure who found who first on twitter but for quite a number of months we have been chatting on twitter and practicing the ultimate twitter relationship building kindnesses….mentioning and re-tweeting (RT) each others tweets and website links. She has also written a couple of lovely blog posts on her site about Jim’s new 2012 Mayan Calendar article and about our Celebrate Kindness event.

I love the idea of a Kindness Ring to remind you to be kind! By using different colored strings on Tina’s String Rings they will remind you to laugh, to be grateful, to forgive, to be respectful of the environment and more. I ordered a String Ring and have really enjoyed wearing it. I even wore it in place of my wedding ring on a recent international trip and received some great positive comments on the look and the idea behind the Kindness String Ring.

Here’s what Tina says about creating the String Ring:

I loved [volunteering with my son’s] school programs. I couldn’t help but feel that the kids could really benefit from and needed a kindness program, but I wasn’t sure how to go about it.

The Idea

It seems to me as though everywhere you look, you come across rude behavior in our society. I’ve observed, through personal experience or news programming, such violent behavior as road rage, campus rampages, ugly office politics, weapons and threats in the schools, most recently cyber bullies, and simply just a basic lack of respect in our everyday interactions with those around us. I’ve asked myself, “How can we teach our children to be kind and compassionate when such aggressive behavior is exhibited everywhere you look?”

One evening, my husband asked me to critique the layout design of a jewelry website he had just built for a western jewelry designer whose work was heavy on symbolism – String-Ring started to take shape. Thinking to myself, “I could create an inspirational ring reminding people to be kind using the old custom of tying a string around your finger.”

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Kindness String-Ring

I love everything about the String-Ring. I encourage you to connect with Tina on twitter, visit her website, order a String-Ring for yourself, and then order a few to give as gifts!