Stephan Davies is a channel of angels and divine beings. He runs the website The Divine Connection. Below, he shares a channeling from the angel of peace and harmony.

Hello, I am Archangel Muriel. How are you are doing? Let’s begin by talking about the wisdom of naturalism. This message will be about the difference between humans and the natural world. Is there a difference? Let’s begin.

What I want to say to you is this: Nature is the divine. It may look like birds attack each other and squirrels run from people and snails crawl away. It may look like lions eat zebras or lions eat giraffes. From the outside, it looks like nature can be pretty menacing.

But I would like to say this: First of all, it’s part of the evolution of consciousness, what happens in nature, is a gift. Now even when an animal is eating another, or killing another, is it a terrible disaster.

There is room for heart here. If you see an animal suffering and you want to help, you should help that animal because it’s a precious, loving, kind, nurturing being and animals deserve happiness as much as anything.

You are just as much an animal as a giraffe or a tiger. The thing with the human race is we think we are separate. We think we are not part of nature.

The truth is that you are one with nature. You’ve always been one with nature. But you have lost something of your natural wisdom. The human race has lost a certain kind of practical natural wisdom that was always passed down through generations. This wisdom is about how to interact with nature and how to respect nature. Something happened in the human mind where it was decided “let’s separate ourselves from nature. Let’s build walls, castles, and moats. Let’s build bridges, and let’s get as far away as possible from the natural world as we can”.

The human race wanted to get away from nature because nature can be quite intimidating and quite unpleasant. It’s not always pleasant. No one ever said “because it’s natural it’s enjoyable”, but when you are one with nature, when you’re in harmony with nature you have a sense of ease, you have a sense of joy, you have a sense of upliftedness. The human race has lost touch with that sense.

The next thing I want to say is this: It’s not impossible to return to the natural world. What does this mean? It doesn’t mean giving up your possessions and living in the forest. What it means is finding ways to get in touch with some natural energies and these natural energies can be, for example, making a smoke ceremony or lighting a fire. Or it can be something like feeling good as you wander the woods, or as you wander in the park. You can feel good as you wander down the street. It’s quite possible to find ways to get back to nature.

What does it mean to return to nature or commune with nature? It’s allowing natural things to happen in front of you and not disturbing the natural wisdom that’s going on. It’s becoming a part of the play of the natural world.

Now you may think this sounds nice and inspiring, but not very practical. Here is my practical tip – get on the grass, and let your toes touch the earth. That is the most basic step for being in touch with nature. Feel the earth beneath your feet. I recommend not just going to a natural place, not just watching as nature does its thing in front of you. I recommend living as one with nature. This could mean some kind of solitary retreat or it could mean something else. It’s different for every person. To be one with nature does not mean you have to go without clothes or eat worms. That’s not being one with nature.

What it means to be one with nature is that you don’t have a sense of separateness between yourself and the things you see. For example, you feel relaxed and easy in the presence of grasshoppers, in the presence of termites, and in the presence of woodpeckers. You feel relaxed and easy as you see a sparrow. You feel a sense of love when you see a beautiful bird. These things are in fact how we return to nature. It’s not difficult. It’s a sense of opening. A sense of not putting up a barrier between yourself and the objects of nature.

The next thing I want to say is this: If you are in touch with nature, it doesn’t mean you’re like a hippie. You don’t have to be a hippie. You can be living in the modern world. You can drive a car. You can have a nice house and still be one in nature.

It would mean this: You don’t disturb others when they’re doing their thing. I mean the natural animals that are around you. You don’t disturb them. If you see a cockroach or lizard in your house you don’t have to kill it. That would be being one with nature.

Being one with nature is a state of mind that can be attained through meditation. As one deepens their sense of peace and happiness, as one relaxes the mind, as one tunes in to natural phenomena, things can change. Those who follow a spiritual tradition or a shamanistic tradition or a tradition that tries to get in touch with the phenomenon around them, these people will, in fact, relax into a sense of oneness.

When you are relaxing into a sense of oneness, it means that you’re no longer distinguishing between yourself and the objects around you. You’re no longer distinguishing between the natural world and yourself. You feel you are the same as the plants. You feel the same as the water. You are the same as the sky. You feel you are the same as the people too, because people are also animals and also natural beings. It means just relaxing into a sense of complete open, awakened consciousness.

The path I am advocating here is not giving up your possessions and walking in the woods for the rest of your life. The path I am advocating is doing genuine spiritual practice. As you do genuine spiritual practice you start to really have a sense that you feel in touch with the energies around you and the birds and the plants. You won’t think of them as strange, distant objects. They’ll seem like your friend or your companion or something you love being around.

As you open the mind, you enjoy every single thing that happens, and that includes being in nature. When you open the mind, being in nature is glorious. It’s incredible. It’s beautiful. It’s the most wonderful thing and you return to nature again and again and again.

The human race has come too far to live in a natural state again. It’s no longer practical to survive in the forest or in the natural elements. It can no longer be done very often, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a sense of communion with nature. Communion with nature is a holy thing.

And that is why I say this: Let go of your wish to just stop being a human being. It’s not important whether you are human or not. What matters is your heart and your development of compassion. These are the most important qualities you can possess: to be a kind, gentle, warm, friendly, and loving person. If you are that, then you are being natural. You are not unnatural. You are not fabricated. You are genuine.

Okay, my dear ones, this is me the Archangel Muriel. I’m the angel of the natural world and I’m the angel of particular special elements, particular special people who love nature. If you feel called to hear my message, then I recommend you talk to this channel [Stephan Davies]. That is my message. Goodbye for now.

Stephan Davies is a channel of angels and divine beings. He runs the website The Divine Connection and regularly channels for clients. He also runs a blog regularly updated with posts on all matters spirituality. Stephan’s passion is bringing through messages from above that uplift, empower and bless others.