Most of us have memories of ringing in the New Year, perhaps at first with our parents and then later with our own families and friends. Here in North America there is often a party atmosphere, with drinks and toasts leading to a raucous countdown to the New Year. Lisa and I have participated in these celebrations many times. Over the past twenty years our observation of the New Year has shifted somewhat, to include more reflection, more thankfulness, and more purposeful connection to the energies behind us and ahead of us on our paths.

Whether we are in a gathering of friends or it’s just the two of us, like this New Year’s will be, we started our own tradition leading up to midnight centered around the transformative qualities of fire. Within a crucible (a metal, fire-safe container) we build a fire. Upon strips of paper we write down what we want to express gratitude for during this prior year that is coming to a close, and what we are seeding for the oncoming year that we are stepping into. Gratitude and Intention are the key concepts here.

The department of gratitude includes a giving of thanks not just for what we are glad to have in our lives, but also for what we are glad to release. It is a sort of giving things up, but in a spirit of gratitude for their teachings, even if they were tough for us to endure. The department of intention involves what we are seeking, what we are excited for – our hopes and our dreams. The burning of these acknowledgments and intentions sends them into the cosmos, activating them as powerful prayers and affirmations. We might even help propel them by shaking rattles and banging on drums.

We view the night of New Year’s Eve as a magical, mysterious portal between two worlds. We have created these worlds by our naming of them (2019, 2020, etc.), and they have been created for us by our Mother Earth’s collecting of them as She circulates in a grand ellipse around our Father Sun.

From our hearts to yours, we wish you a blessed New Year filled with magic, with mystery, and with love.

James and Lisa Papp