What seems like a very long 12 months ago, we were preparing for 2020 and feeling excited to ring in a brand new year. To say that 2020 has been challenging and different than anyone could have imagined is a vast understatement.

Yet gifts abounded for so many of us in this wild year that has grabbed our full attention. In our home, Lisa and I were blessed with more quality time together, increased creative activity, and more communion with Nature.

Heart Flower Mandala created by James K. Papp


This New Year’s post is born from an expanded awareness of how much the choices we make in response to change, stress, and uncertainty truly matter to our well-being. How we choose to experience the flow of life, and how we orient ourselves within the flow, make all the difference in the world. 

Thanks to the cosmic storms of 2020, what is most essential to each one of us in our heart-of-hearts is more evident than it was before. Yet progressing on this vision is not always easy. Some may ask: What do we do next? Where do we go from here? With so many restrictions on our movements and activities continuing into the foreseeable future, what can we heartily ring in for 2021 which will truly serve us well? 

First and foremost, let us ring in the New Year with expressions of Gratitude, which we also wrote about in last year’s Portal of Gratitude and Intention post. There are always things to be grateful for and we benefit so much when we take time to recognize them, now and ongoing.

We continue our tradition of honoring the year past and the year to come with a fire ceremony. On strips of paper we write down what we want to express gratitude for and the intentions we are seeding for the oncoming year (more details on last year’s post). Then the papers are added to the fire sending out the energies of our gratitude and intentions.

Second, how about we ring in a deeper level of ourselves, where more balance and harmony may be found? As we engage with deeper levels of being we become infused with a confident knowing. This serves as a powerful guide to help us navigate through change and uncertainty, and as we move toward that which calls to us in our heart-of-hearts. This New Year is a perfect time to go within and exalt your own abundance in Spirit, rather than focusing on external aspects and outcomes. 

Dear ones, you are the portal to your own realization, your own richness, your own joy, your own peace. Happy New Year! Lisa and I wish that great blessings be with you…and all…in 2021 and beyond!

James Papp