Dear Ones,

This image, which has grown near and dear to me, is named “Every Shade of Green.”

Announced this month, “Every Shade of Green” is one of 26 finalists in the Outdoor Photographer magazine Great Outdoors 2021 photo contest. You can view the official finalist slideshow using this link.

Whatcom Creek shimmers below twin red cedar trees within a verdant ravine, quietly hidden from city streets within Whatcom Park, a jewel in the town of Bellingham, Washington where I live. On this Spring day I was exploring along the creek as varying light played in the luminous sky and rushes of wind animated the evergreens and their understories. It was delightful finding this intimate composition. Within a couple miles of my abode, this locale always brings me joy when I am there, regardless of weather or time of season.

Is there a place near your home that you love to frequent? A park, a trail, your backyard? Deepening our relationship with such places supports us wonderfully as we traverse the ups and downs and twists and turns of life. These places re-balance and re-harmonize us. These places are sacred.

With Blessings,