Announcing the release of Deer, Tree, the Shaman, and the Sun: A Story About Learning To Be Ourselves in a New World. Photographs and story by James K. Papp

 Planet Earth was consumed in the fires of an unexpected epidemic. Perhaps it was an illness born of being out of balance with Nature.

“We are storytellers,” began the shaman. “The story we tell influences our experience of being alive, and how we react to our experience influences our story. What do you dare to dream of? What do you dare to lovingly let go of? How do you want to experience life in your heart of hearts?”

Born on a wilderness backpacking trip during the life-changing year of 2020, this tale of hope honors connection with Nature as our ally to journey through disruption and uncertainty to a more harmonious future.

Inspirational words and evocative photography guide your voyage to rediscover the exquisite and graceful beauty and bounty of your own being.

“Let us remember who we are, and we will be gratefully together in unity; we will know what to do…What a blessing for each of us to have an opportunity to discover, in our heart of hearts, what is truly essential for us…”

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Praise for Deer, Tree, the Shaman and the Sun


Deer, Tree, the Shaman, and the Sun is a delightful short read for those needing a candle in the dark. Even for those of us with a spiritual connection or practice, these times are trying, and any ray of light is welcome. James Papp has done a beautiful job of just that, and his photos of Pacific NW nature are stunning — both in the quality of the photos and in showing that such things exist in nature.”

– Katrina Svoboda Johnson, Author of Blissful Belly – A 16-day Program for Super-Charging your Digestion Using the Art and Science of Ayurveda


Deer, Tree, the Shaman, and the Sun is a gentle journey back to our center. It cuts through the noise and fear of our perceptions and brings us back to our essence. Reminds us of the most important, quiet truths. This book is a must read!

– Grace Schackel 


“James Papp’s Deer, Tree, the Shaman, and the Sun book is so impressive! The writing is exquisite and his photography is incredible. I love that the book offers a wonderful, fresh view from a spiritual and shaman’s perspective about what we have gone through in these last few years. This story gives inspiration and hope going forward. I plan to buy some for gifts. I thank James for what he contributes to the world.”

– Reverend Darlis Mayes, Akashic Record Consultant and Teacher with Heavens Records


Deer, Tree, the Shaman, and the Sun is a timely read as the world recovers from the ravages of the pandemic. It resonates strongly with my own understanding of reviewing the stories we create for ourselves and renewing our agreement with Mother Earth.”

– Janet Kingsley 


“The author reminds us to acknowledge that which causes us to feel ill at ease. Within that acknowledgment, lies our opportunity. The opportunities found in simplicity. We are reminded of our connection to life, and our kinship with all of nature. We are reminded that we all have a story. In remembering our story, we are re-empowered. The severity of internal or external situations no longer matters when we change our story and remain empowered.”

– Gloria Gates


Deer, Tree, the Shaman, and the Sun by James K. Papp is a beautiful revelation for all to experience and grow from. The color photography is stunning! This gorgeous book belongs on coffee tables and bookshelves to pick up or pull out regularly and remind yourself what is truly important in life.

Nikki Jefford, Author of over 25 young adult and adult fantasy romance novels

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