Season of Giving and Kindness – Spread Joy Year-Round

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This time of darkness, the womb of winter, is a time of celebration that leads to the new year and its opportunities for a fresh start, for making commitments to a better, brighter future. Our

Gratitude is the Key to Success and Happiness

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Maintaining a grateful disposition improves virtually everything in our lives, including our health and wellbeing and our relationship with others. The power of being grateful is profound enough to be cited by people who prosper

Respect in the Workplace

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Love can appear in all departments of our life, in all the sectors where we share space-time together. Sharing love with family and friends is extremely common and saying “I love you” to them is

Kindness – A Daily Reminder with a Ring

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Social media sites like twitter and Facebook are truly amazing. Used well, to build relationships and share valuable information, these sites bring people together and make our world richer and smaller...a "global village". One twitter

A Day of Introspection

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A day of introspection gives us space to courageously, gently, lovingly peer into ourselves. We can view and appreciate the good we have done and acknowledge and forgive ourselves for any words or actions which do not honor us.

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