Altar of Perfect Balance - Autumnal EquinoxAt September Equinox we held a ceremony at home with friends to honor this special time and to use its special power for prayer, for ourselves and for the planet.

Each of us laid out two similar personal power objects on the indoor altar which we named “The Altar of Perfect Balance.”  With a beautiful symmetry, the colorful altar radiated warmth and energy.  Our intention was re-balance, re-calibration, re-harmonization, re-juvenation – the re-attaining of a state that is our natural birthright as cosmic beings.

Between two burning candles a round china saucer was filled with water  and then each of us selected a small floating candle, into which we placed our personal prayer for whatever we are harvesting at this time.  It could be a physical project, an emotional state, a relationship, a new way of being, or something else.  In turn each of us lit our candle and placed it into the ocean of life where they floated together in community.  Our prayers were sent on their voyage with great gratitude.  We appreciated the balancing of fire and water energies.

Altar of the Earth - Autumnal EquinoxOn the outdoor altar, which we named “The Altar of the Earth,” we each placed two flowers with a prayer for our dear Mother Earth.  She bears us, sustains us, and ultimately receives our bodies, unconditionally, which is certainly a definition of unconditional love.  We prayed for her well-being and for her balance, including a balance of elements at a time where fire energy is predominant in some places with forest fires and rising global temperatures.

We declared “All at this very moment is in balance.”

Blessings of Balance and Harmony to You ~

Jim and Lisa