It is a privilege to share with you my most recent photographic image, named “August Night at Artist Point.”

On a sunny August evening, I drove the 57 miles from Bellingham, Washington to Artist Point with an idea for a nighttime photograph in mind. The waning half moon would rise at 10:45 pm and perhaps I could make an image of Mt. Baker with the foreground illuminated by the rising moon. It turns out that my favorite image from that night was made before moonrise at a tarn that is revealed annually when the prodigious snowfall melts. The trees, the water, the mountain, the Milky Way, and the reflection combined to create a story that links us together in cosmic companionship. Even the light pollution from distant Skagit Valley fits into the luminous, harmonious scene. What a joy to be there!

Thank you for sharing this view with me.

With warm regards,