Path of the West

Spiritual practice is our individualized way of learning to live in the ever-present now.  And spiritual practice is, as we all know, a very personal matter.  Ultimately it is about whatever works for us individually.

But what about when things are not working so well?  How about when we find ourselves at the place I call “the crossroads,” where we are not sure which way to go or what to do?   When we are at the crossroads, where we don’t have enough information and we are searching for guidance or inspiration to continue on our journey, what can we do and where do we turn?

It is truly a blessing to walk upon one’s self-composed spiritual path.  But when things aren’t working in our life it can get really tiring wielding our machete as we hack a new path through the thick jungle.  And we can lose our vision when this jungle of unprocessed thoughts and feelings seems to have grown in around us.  Thankfully there are also paths of proven practices which we have used for thousands of years here for us, already paved, ready for us to walk upon them with relative ease when we want to do so.

Prayer, Meditation, Gratitude, Kindness, Being With Nature, Building Altars, Making Offerings and Ceremonies – these and other longstanding traditions are already well traveled, are clearly marked and supported, and have a wide berth.  When we don’t have enough energy to do it all on our own, these paths are there for us, along with the accumulated wisdom of all who have walked upon them before us.  Know, especially if you consider yourself quite independent, that utilizing these practices does not commit you to using them for the rest of your life.   You can use them as you need to without any fear that doing something traditional will paint you into a corner.

Remember, you always have the right to change the direction of your sailing craft on the cosmic ocean at any time, as you need to do so.  So don’t be afraid to go ahead and use the technologies and ways of being we have collectively designed and benefited from over the millennia.   They work!  Then, with a thankful resetting of your spiritual gyroscope, you will find your way to enjoying a more balanced and harmony-filled life.  May the Blessings Be with you always!

© 2011 James K. Papp