Dear Ones,

Greetings and Salutations!  

Lately, I’ve been reviewing the archives for engaging images made before I got so seriously into photography. This photo is from a long 17-mile day hike to the Granite Tors in the Alaskan Interior northeast of Fairbanks.

Up on this remote ridge, fantastically-shaped granite outcroppings are set, kind of like a spread-out natural Stonehenge. It was thrilling to witness it all firsthand!

The time frame is August 2010 and I was carrying the smallest camera I’ve ever owned, a pocket-sized point-and-shoot Panasonic. The vantage point is from between two of the tors, looking back in the general direction of the trailhead, which lies well beyond the meadow in the valley below. I love the spaciousness of this framing. 

Thank you for taking in the view!

With Gratitude,