Why the 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid?

~ You are invited to join in Meditation, Visualization, and Ceremony with Goddesses all around our Mother Earth on October 23, 2021 … and beyond ~

(Note from Lisa Papp – I’ve been connected with Mare Cromwell for a number of years. I love sharing in beautiful and empowering online meditations and ceremonies with her and many other women, men, people around the world. Mare is an author of The Great Mother Bible and other books, teacher, high priestess, and co-creator of the 1000 Goddesses Gatherings in person and now virtual.

All weekend…and moving forward…I am (and we are…James and I and others) focusing energy on what is for the highest good for Mother Gaia and humanity at this time. Please read and watch the info below, perhaps light a candle, and join in spirit, if you like. Feel free to share with others. Love, Lisa)
~ Below written by Mare Cromwell and 1000Goddesses.net ~ Thank you, Mare! ~

We are going through tremendous shifts on our Sacred Earth right now. Mother Gaia and various spiritual councils within the Universal realms on which Mother sits have requested that the 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid continue to expand in 2021 to support what is for the Highest Good for Mother Gaia and humanity at this time. 

Based on the Tibetan Prophecy that when 1000 Goddesses or Tibetan Taras Unite, the tone of our Sacred Earth will shift from Fear to Compassion. You are welcome to join us!

Ceremonies all over the globe are invited to call in the Divine Feminine in all of her manifestations this weekend – inviting the deep spiritual energies of compassion, balance, harmony and peace to help awaken our Womb-Hearts to heal and restore right relationship within our human realms.

The 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid is a call to action to elevate the Luminous Love energetics of our Sacred Earth by a powerful Unified Field of ceremonies.

The Spiritual Invitation in 2021 is for us to awaken our Womb-Hearts to weave together as One in a Global Grid with Mother Gaia’s Womb-Heart, affirming our Connection with the Womb of Creation in the Universal Realms – to anchor more Luminous Love world-wide!

The overarching goal of the Global Grid is to create a powerful Unified Field of ceremonies to truly anchor the Divine Feminine into the heart of our Sacred Earth. Another goal of the Grid is to bring in healing energies to ultimately return Sacred Balance between the feminine and masculine back into our world.

For several thousand years, the Divine Feminine has been repressed and a wounded aspect of the masculine has dominated Western Culture. This has caused great suffering, environmental destruction and world-wide conflict.

NOW the Divine Feminine is rising to bring balance and healing into the world.  Each of us is called to play a role in this healing whether we are a man or a woman. We are all invited to step into our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine higher selves during these challenging times.

We are also invited to connect with the Divine Mother and heal our relationship with our Sacred Mother Gaia. A New World based on Wisdom and Compassion, and honoring the Sacredness of each of us, including all the Seen & Unseen ones around us — is being born at this time. We are all here at this time to be mid-wives for it! Balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine is the new desired state.

We owe this to our children and grandchildren and all beings seen and unseen here on Earth.

Click here for Ceremony Suggestions for 1000 Goddesses Gathering Sacred Circles

The 2021 event builds on the 1000 Goddesses Gatherings & Global Grids of 2016, 2018, 2019 & 2020.

Final Note from Lisa – I did register and make a small donation to support 1000Goddesses.net, which you can choose to do if you like. As our Bellingham-based “gathering” is private and, mostly, in spirit, you will not see it on their Global Grid map. Thank you and much LOVE to you all!