What questions will you ask yourself that will change your life?

Life can feel stressful, filled with demands or anxiety. Perhaps you are at a crossroads or crisis in life (job loss, health issue, divorce, death of a loved one, or addiction) and finding calm feels impossible. There is hope!

James K. Papp will be your friendly guide to help you explore yourself and Inquire Within. With time-tested tools and practices, this easy-to-use book will help you imagine and create balance, harmony, and a peaceful life…

  • Learn how cultivating your inner world improves your outer world
  • Practice gratitude as a way to increase happiness
  • Use prayer and affirmation to power your intentions
  • Reduce stress through meditation
  • Create focus and inspiration with a personal altar
  • Nurture self-expression and fun through creativity

Inquire Within is a recipe for a joyful, vibrant life… This book has made me a better person.” ~Tamara Gerlach

“A way to be happier in our fast-paced world.” ~Kimberly Pryor Wilkes

Inquire Within changed my life for the better in so many ways. Do yourself a great kindness and read this book.~Nikki Jefford

Are you ready to Inquire Within?

James and Lisa at the Labnah Arch, Mexico

Author and award-winning photographer James K. Papp and his wife Lisa E. Papp, Solar Gal and Marketing Wiz, have rocked life together through several decades. They are grateful for the support and wisdom of many teachers, healers, and authors as they made their way through some challenging times…and a lot of wonderful times, too. James and Lisa saw the need for a simple, non-denominational guide of practical spirituality. They publish Inquire Within: A Guide to Living in Spirit and are excited to announce the release of the completely rewritten and updated 3rd Edition of Inquire Within. Please sign up for free gifts and our e-newsletter. Thank you for visiting. We appreciate you!

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Are you at a “crossroads” in life or seeking encouragement and gentle reminders or guidance on your journey? Inquire Within offers a helping hand and author James K. Papp reaches out in kindness…


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Praise for the Inquire Within book…


“With great insight, James Papp has created a kind of “spiritual potpourri” by carefully gleaning the essence of the world’s tried and true spiritual practices.  Inquire Within takes us right to the heart of the most important work there ever was, that of awakening.  Peace, joy, compassion, and purpose are not far off.  Just open the book to any page and you are likely to find just what you were looking for, presented in a way that’s easy to understand and implement into daily life.  Let James Papp take you by the hand and gently lead you down the path to harmony.”

Barry Dennis Author The Chotchky Challenge– Barry Dennis, Founder of Coexist Celebration and Celebration Church
Author of The Chotchky Challenge; Clearing the Clutter from your Home, Heart and Mind and Discovering the True Treasure of your Soul


“Healing and harmony are keys to enjoying an inspired and fulfilling life. Inquire within is packed with time-tested tools to guide you there. This highly readable introduction to spiritual practice offers options for every earnest seeker. Inquire Within shows that when you find balance within you are in the best position to make your own uniquely creative contribution to the world in a deep and meaningful way–a contribution that becomes all the more vital as we face not only our personal challenges but also the planetary crises of our time.”

David Christopher Author The Holy Universe– David Christopher
Author of The Holy Universe: A New Story of Creation for the Heart, Soul and Spirit